Hindsight is 20/20

Hindsight is 20/20 - A collaboration with celebrated visual artist Yanyun Chen (Young Artist Award Recipient, 2020), Hindsight is 20/20 was commissioned by Asian Art Institutum as part of Singapore Art Week 2021. Hindsight is 20/20 was nominated in 6 categories at the National Youth Film Awards 2021, including Best Sound Design (Open Category) and Best Original Soundtrack (Open Category).

“How does one begin to describe the inane restlessness and psychic volatility, without recourse, which was 2020? What constitutes creative production and privilege in a time when the stage is shut, and society has deemed art as no.1 non-essential in Singapore? What are artists to do when they are just not needed? With hindsight, visual artist Yanyun Chen and singer-songwriter Chia Yaim Chong offer a glimpse of a Singaporean artist’s life under lockdown, in the only way they know how: a new work.”

NDP Lo-Fi Hip Hop Beats

NDP Lo-Fi Hip Hop Beats - A two-part commission by the National Day Parade executive committee, this series saw yams reinterpret classic NDP songs in the style of Lo-Fi Hip Hop beats, introducing samples and reharmonizing chord progressions while keeping the original songs recognizable. The 10-track album, as well as the 3-track follow-up EP, have garnered over 370,000 streams and 90,000 YouTube views.

Lars the Gibbon: A Museum Mystery!

Lars: A Museum Mystery

Lars the Gibbon: A Museum Mystery is a children's point-and-click adventure commissioned by National Gallery Singapore (NGS) for the 2023 Children's Biennale. yams provided all sound design as well as soundtracks for this game, composing 8 different tracks as well as editing and mixing almost 100 different sound effects.


Chosen as one of six winners of a nationwide open call by National Heritage Board (NHB), DEEP SOUND MAP: HAWKERS is an audio-based project by Vanessa Ng
and Chia Yaim Chong that seeks to recreate and celebrate the everyday sounds of Singapore. Starting with the familiar and iconic sounds of the hawker centre, the experience is delivered through a series of three audio tracks, each an immersive sound map distinct in texture - from an early morning roadside coffee to a rushed lunch hour in the heart of the lion city.